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Publication Department

For several years now, the university Wszechnica Polska has been publishing ACADEMIC WORKBOOKS on topics related to one area of knowledge, prepared by individual faculties and departments of the university. Academic teachers publish in the WORKBOOKS the results of their research and reflections. These materials are often used by students in the didactic process.

Publications in particular years:

Publications of Wszechnica Polska in 2019


Catalogue of Procedural Documents
not only for Lawyers

Katarzyna Gajewska, PhD
Published: 2019



Economic Intelligence
and Counterintelligence

Materials from Academic Conferences

Working papers 1/2019

Edited by:
Hieronim Szafran and Jerzy Wojciech Wójcik
Published: 2019



Spain and Latin America – Literature, Society and Language; beyond the Research Trend

The title page and first three pages of the publication [EN]

Working papers 2/2019

Edited by: Maja Zawierzeniec, PhD
Published: 2019


España y América Latina
– literatura, sociedad, lenguaje:
más allá del mainstream

edición a cargo
de la dra. Maja Zawierzeniec



Publications in particular years:

O Uczelni

Wszechnica Polska Szkoła Wyższa w Warszawie kształci od 2001 roku na kierunkach: filologia angielska, a filologia hiszpańska, pedagogika, finanse i rachunkowość i wiele innych. Studia licencjackie i magisterskie.

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